Flavours & Wildcrafting

Steep Peak Teas:

Steep Peak uses three main teas in our brews to build flavour upon, all of which are organic.

Our black tea is Indian Tonganagaon Assam and is Fair Trade. Flavours described with this tea are silky smooth with light notes of spice and malt, along with toasty nuances. The Tonganagaon estate, where the tea is grown, is a small tea garden located near the Namdapha National Park, one of the richest areas of biodiversity in all of India.

We use a Jasmine Fair Trade Tea for Steep Peak green tea blends. Jasmine tea has a fresh, floral aroma providing a delicate flavour to the Kombucha. The tea leaves are harvested in early spring and stored until late summer when fresh jasmine flowers are in bloom. The jasmine flowers are picked early in the mounting when they are still closed and kept cool until nightfall. During the night, jasmine flowers open and this is when the tea scenting takes place.

Earl Grey Tea is a traditional tea favourite that is not typically found used in Kombucha. Steep Peak has creatively developed an Earl Grey blend that highlights the traditional bergamot flavour that regular Earl Grey drinkers crave. This unique Earl Grey Kombucha highlights the citrus flavours from bergamot oil and is added Ceylon Tea, resulting in a truly refreshing Kombucha.

Thorny Buffaloberry ( Shepherdia argentea )

Thorny Buffaloberry (Shepherdia argentea)

Creeping Oregon Grape ( Mahonia repens )

Creeping Oregon Grape (Mahonia repens)

Steep Peak Signature Flavours:

Steep Peak has a number of year-round flavours, including:

Vanilla + Red Rooibos Kombucha - Creamy vanilla and the fruity notes of Red Rooibos Tea makes this low caffeinated kombucha perfect for evening sipping.

Pairs well with: campfire stores.

Mountain High Matcha + Green Tea Kombucha - The perfect combination of Matcha Tea and our organic Jasmine Green Tea Kombucha. Made with locally distributed Mountain High Matcha from Twin Butte, Alberta. .

Pairs well with: moonlight biking.

Honey Lavender + Green Tea - Organic Lavender blossoms, creamy honey and organic, fair trade Jasmine Green Tea is combined for a balanced, slightly sweet, delicate Kombucha with floral undertones.

Pairs well with: rock skipping and a swimming hole.

Earl Grey Blend - High-quality, organic Earl Grey Tea with citrusy bergamot is used to make this unique Kombucha inspired by the classic favourite. Sipping with your pinkie in the air is optional.

Pairs well with: your favourite singletrack.


Steep Peak also offers seasonal brews that are limited production. Our seasonal brews are often wildcrafted and showcase our unique Rocky Mountain region.

What is Wildcrafting? Wildcrafting is the practice of harvesting plants from the wild. Steep Peak loves the process of exploring nature, identifying plants, appreciating their qualities, and showcasing their value. 

Some examples of our wildcrafted flavours:

In late spring, fresh and new White Spruce tips are harvested in the valley floor to make our Spruce Tip + Black Tea Kombucha, our IPA of the Kombucha world.

During August, we head to higher elevations to collect the umbels of Black Elderberries to make our Elderberry Honey + Green Tea Kombucha that incorporates floral notes of lavender. 

In September, we wildcraft Creeping Oregon Grapeon dry, sunny slopes for our Oregon Grape + Black Tea Kombucha. As a true bitter, Oregon Grape pairs beautifully with honey, vanilla and cardamom. 

Blue Elderberries ( Sambucus cerulea )

Blue Elderberries (Sambucus cerulea)

Chokecherries ( Prunus virginiana )

Chokecherries (Prunus virginiana)

High-bush Cranberries ( Viburnum opulus )

High-bush Cranberries (Viburnum opulus)

Saskatoons ( Amelanchier alnifolia )

Saskatoons (Amelanchier alnifolia)

Huckleberries ( Vaccinium ovalifolium )

Huckleberries (Vaccinium ovalifolium)

Black Elderberries ( Sambucus nigra )

Black Elderberries (Sambucus nigra)

White Spruce ( Picea glauca )

White Spruce (Picea glauca)